Tuesday, September 9th

Hi There!

I hope your year is off to a great start.  Please use this website to access all of your biology or chemistry class materials.  All the documents on this website have been shared with you already on Google Drive, but are also included here as well to make all class materials easily accessible to everyone.  We have already accessed and used a lot of the technology that we will be using throughout the school year, but it seems like some students are still finding a few technology items difficult to use.  If you fall into this category, take some time to look at the documents online so that you become familiar with all of the software that we will be using.  In a few days, I will have videos posted on how to use all of our software in case you missed anything or are still feeling uncomfortable using certain iPad apps, so check back often.  It is VERY important that you have a good start to your year, so please see me anytime you have any questions - I am here to help always!  

On another note, if you need internet at home, Comcast offers an Internet Essentials package that is $10/month even if you have debt from Comcast.  Have your parents call them at 1-855- 846-8376 for more information or go on the web at work or the library to sign up at https://apply.internetessentials.com.  I can also supply you with a wireless router so your iPad will work with your home internet.  A computer company called Edimax (edimax.com) was VERY generous to us and provided me with wireless routers for students to use at home at no cost!  There are not many companies out there today that show this type of care for student success, so please recognize this and let others that may be looking for computer equipment know that Edimax does great things for students.

I am looking forward to continuing a great year with you.


Mr. Batey